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You are choosing wrong flutter packages from !!!

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4 min readJul 18, 2023


One wrong package selected can make your app go bankrupt.

Whether it is security concerns, Licence conflicts, Bugs support, or performance issue. One wrong choice and your app will be nothing. There are many such reasons why you should select the package reasonably.

“Don’t just choose anything, just because you have an option to choose.”

packages in

Discovering the perfect dependencies for your Flutter project is a crucial step towards creating a robust and efficient application. is a repository of flutter packages, offers a vast array of choices that can accelerate development and expand your app’s capabilities.

However, making informed decisions in this sea of options is vital to ensure compatibility, security, and long-term maintainability.

In this blog, we will go through some of the points that we should keep in mind while choosing a flutter package in

Note #1. License (MIT or Apache 2.0)

License of package

Before integrating a package, verify its license. Packages with MIT or Apache 2.0 licenses are permissive and allow you to use, modify, and distribute the code. These licenses are widely adopted and ensure that the package aligns with your project’s licensing requirements.

2. Pub Points

pub points in

Pub Points are an indication of package quality, code health, and adherence to best practices. Packages with higher Pub Points are more likely to be well-maintained, reliable, and of higher quality. Aim for packages with a substantial number of Pub Points.

3. Open Source

open source packages in

Choosing open-source packages is beneficial, as many people will be frequently contributing and improving it. Open-source projects encourage collaboration, transparency, and rapid development. Moreover, you can inspect the source code, identify potential issues, and contribute to the project if needed.

4. Popularity and Likes

popularity and likes in

Consider the popularity of a package by examining the number of downloads and the likes it has received on Popular packages often have a large user base, indicating trust and reliability within the Flutter community.

5. Change Logs and Update Frequency

changelog in

Regular updates are crucial for bug fixes, new features, and performance improvements. Check the package’s Changelog to understand how frequently it’s updated. Frequent updates show that the package is actively maintained and responsive to user needs.

6. Verified Owner

verified owners in

Packages with verified owners offer an additional layer of trust. A verified owner’s identity is confirmed by, which adds credibility to the package and assures users that the package is maintained by a trustworthy entity.

7. Platform support

platform support in packages in

When selecting a package from, it’s crucial to consider the platform support to ensure compatibility with your project. Whether your project targets mobile platforms such as iOS and Android, web environments, or desktop applications, package’s documentation of platform supported is essential.

8. Unknown License

Unverified users in

If a package has an unknown or unclear license, refrain from using it. Always prioritise packages with clear and permissive licenses to avoid potential legal issues.

Wrapping it Up:

There you are!! By following these guidelines, you can build a robust and successful flutter application. Happy coding and surfing in style!

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